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The Broadleaf Family

Eddie and Donna Hudson
Eddie could hardly wait to finish school and work with his father full-time at Broadleaf. He loved the work and farmed the land for 15 years as well as trucking lumber. It was while he was hauling logs to T.P. Downey Lumber in Hillsborough, that he met Donna, the secretary there, who was to become his wife.

Donna and Eddie have 4 children: Stephen, Susan, Stacey and Shelly. Stephen is married to Terri and they have 1 daughter as well as Terri's daughter Robin. Susan is very involved with the riding and training program at Broadleaf. Susan & Fabian have 1 son. Stacey is married to Eric a lobster fisherman. They have 2 children and a home that is a favourite destination for a lobster feast! Shelly is married to Timmy and they have 2 children. Shelly manages the Esthetician Services for the very successful Broadleaf 'Pamper Experiences'.

As the farming at Broadleaf made way for the development in tourism, Eddie concentrated on the trucking. He is now in partnership with his son Stephen as E & S Hudson Trucking. They have three trucks.

Donna worked in the business as the bookkeeper and assisted with the food service for many years. Donna currently works off the farm however remains actively involved on the Board of Directors for Broadleaf.

Donna and Leslie Weir

Kathy and Darrell Weir
During High School, Darrell worked his summers at Broadleaf in the woods operation and there he met Kathy Hudson. Following a brief time in Ontario, it was not until Broadleaf expanded in 1973 that Kathy and Darrell married and became an integral part of the business.

KathyAs with her sisters and brothers, Kathy grew up working her summers and spare time, at the Broadleaf Riding Stable. There, Kathy got a real feel for what customers wanted, and enjoyed when they visited. As the business expanded, Kathy worked with the food service & accommodation and with the marketing and public relations.

Kathy and Darrell raised three girls at Broadleaf: Julie (a nurse in Moncton), Amy (married with 2 children) and Mindy (who also works in Moncton).

Darrell worked with the woods operation and the farming operation. There was a gradual improvement of the land and 'custom haymaking' along with 'cattle and horse' feed production. Becoming involved in the Provincial Soil and Crop Association in 1976, Darrell moved with the learning curve introduced by new technologies. With agriculture, both the quality and quantity of forage production is vital to economics and the future. The major challenges for the Broadleaf land today are keeping pace with progressing technologies, staying environmentally aware and keeping abreast of the Department of Agricultural guidelines.

As a member of the Southern New Brunswick Woodlot Owners Association, Darrell and Broadleaf observe the criteria for successful, sustainable wood lots such as: species selection, land topography, soil texture, water courses, density in the trees and so on.

Darrell and Kathy believe in the importance of contributing back to their community. Darrell is a volunteer Fireman with the Riverside-Albert Volunteer Fire Department and Kathy is a Paramedic with Maritime EMS, Riverside-Albert Division.

Continuous learning is important to Kathy and her most recent course was Agricultural Leadership with the University of Saskatchewan. Learning opportunities have taken her to Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. In addition, Kathy volunteers on Tourism and Agricultural committees.

In her marketing role at Broadleaf, Kathy has developed business relationships with tour companies nationally and internationally. Kathy knows that Broadleaf's location on the Bay of Fundy has a great impact on it's success however she is also very aware that the quality of customer service visitors receive is the real key to success. Whether their guest is visiting because of tourism, agriculture or forestry the Broadleaf Hospitality and attention to detail is what keeps them coming back.

Bob and Molly Hudson

Danny and Phyllis Hudson

Danny remembers always being involved with the horses right from when he found his first pony in the house by the Christmas tree; he was only 4 years old. This started a life long involvement of working with horses and competing.

Danny enjoyed caring for the horses and doing chores while he attended school. He also knew that Broadleaf was where his heart was and he enjoyed the farming and Guest Ranch lifestyle.

DannyAfter graduating from high school in 1978 Danny drove a log truck for Vernon in the summer. In September that year he started work for CNR. Working the '4-12' shift enabled Danny to remain active and involved in Broadleaf. Even though Danny always found time to help out at Broadleaf, he always knew that he wanted to come back full time; he did this after 4 years with CNR. Danny and Phyllis were married in 1979. In 1983, when Danny's parents turned the business over to their children, they moved into the farmhouse to operate the tourism business for several years.

In 1983 Rodeos began throughout the Maritimes. Danny became very involved with the Maritime Rodeo Association and competed in three rodeo events; bare back, bull riding and calf roping. In 1986 Danny won the All Round Cowboy award and received a Ford Half ton truck as top prize.

Between 1989 and 1992 Danny competed on the Maritime Barrel Racing Circuit. The horse he competed with was Mr. Super Okie (Willie). Danny's children enjoyed competing on Willie as well.

With the expansion to year-round accommodation for Broadleaf in 1996, Danny & Phyllis became the Managing Directors for the newly opened Mountain Chalet until the restructuring of the family business in 2000.

The sport of Cattle Penning has now spurred Danny's competitive edge and he is currently enjoying competitions through out the Maritimes, Quebec and the United States. When the trailer is loaded for a Cattle Penning show there are always lots of horses and family members that team up to compete in these competitions. Broadleaf is host to some of the largest Cattle Penning competitions in the Maritimes. Danny enjoys teaming up with his children and other family members in this sport for all ages.

Over the years Danny has been involved with the forestry aspect of Broadleaf. From running the skidder to hauling the logs by tractor-trailer. Today, Danny is operating one of the tractor-trailers for Downey Lumber. Phyllis is working as a faculity administrator at The Albert County Health and Wellness Center.

Phyllis and Danny have three children: Justin, - works at Downey Building Supplies and operates their boom truck but his interest remains in the farming aspect of Broadleaf; Laura, - loves being a working Mom and works in Moncton; Matt, - whose goal was to become a horse trainer is presently training horses in Italy.

Growing up on the Ranch, Wendy spent her summers and spare moments at the riding stables. With Graduation came acceptance to Meredith Manor Riding Academy in West Virginia. "There I learned how little I knew about the horse business", says Wendy. The following winter, Wendy took a 2-year apprenticeship in Alberta to work with a 'cutting horse' trainer.
Returning to the Ranch full time for the next 5 years, Wendy started summer 'residential camps'. Her horse training and judging experience lead her into the Canadian Equestrian Federation Coaching Program. Wendy became certified by the National Coach Certification Program and is now a Level 2 Western Coach. She is also the Master Course Conductor for New Brunswick.

Realizing one of her goals, Wendy took a horse she had raised, to Quarteramma in Toronto, in spring 89. To concentrate further on horse training, she went to join Gaetan Gauthier in Quebec - developing her French language along the way. As Gaetan moved his business to Texas, Wendy followed for one further year where she gathered experience in the International horse market. (Later, Broadleaf was to export horses to Italy and Belgium).

Wendy's most significant work change came in 1999 when the office demanded most of her energies and focus in developing adventure packages and handling inquiries/sales. Only in the summer can she spend more time with the horses, because the season requires 110% from the Broadleaf team. Beginning with the introduction of canoeing and mountain biking into the packages, Wendy's focus is now with adventure diversification, and winter programs.

Doug is the youngest of Joyce and Vernon's children, and at Broadleaf he was the little white-haired boy the tourists loved!

Growing up he worked in the business too. He became a licensed mechanic and is now the owner/operator of a trucking company, Cheyenne Enterprises. He trucks livestock and freight.

Doug has two children, Jared and Ashley.

Doug competes in the cattle penning and horse shows. Now, living just a mile away from Broadleaf, he is involved in the mechanic work and Broadleaf's many trucking needs.



The Broadleaf Family Names

Joyce Miriam Brown (of York County) married Vernon Dixson Hudson (of Albert County) in 1944.

Their 7 children (with spouses) are:
Edward (and Donna); Donna (and Leslie); Kathy (and Darrell); Bobby (and Molly); Danny (and Phyllis); Wendy; Douglas (and Krista).

The 18 grandchildren are:
Kimberly, Stephen, Tracy, Susan, Beverly, Julie, Shelly, Stacey, Amy, Mindy, Justin, Laura, Thomas, Matthew, Ali, Jared, Ashley and William(step).

And the 19 great Grandchildren:
Robin(step), Josie, Darren, Tyson, Kiera, Ethan, Brandon, Chloe, Alexander, Benjamin, Bryanna, Carlie, Jacob, Hannah, Sadie, Jaden, Charles, Kyle and John.

Broadleaf Reflections
(a poem by Joyce Hudson

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