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The Broadleaf Story

Broadleaf Reflections
(a poem by Joyce Hudson

I remember the day I stood in an all green kitchen
Of a house my husband wanted with a loan,
I heard a dog howling in the rain,
A tap dripping, and I wondered; 'will I ever call this home?'

The years have gone by many times,
And surely we've called it home,
As, with our seven children,
We have built a place enjoyed by many who roam.

It didn't happen without hard work, teaching school,
Milking cows and working the land,
There was enjoyment too, with music and sport,
The raising and training of horses; they all had a hand.

Now our 7 children, and their children,
Are responsible for Broadleaf Guest Ranch,
Where the vacationers enjoy relaxing,
Or the activities, for those who book or stop by chance

Many memories are reflected,
As we look at some of the pictures,
That I have taken over the 30 years of business,
They tell of our family's history.

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